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> Punta font is almost ready!

Punta is a geometric sans serif with a touch of stylized character.


With its sharp corners and optically perfect round elements, it has a delightful contrast that can be seen on different sizes. It would be a good choice where the typography is the main actor of the design, such as cover art, posters, event and brand identity designs in headings and copies.

>You can reach me through Fiverr

You can also contact me through Fiverr now

Ek Açıklama 2020-07-20 140842.jpg

>New Artprints Avaliable!  *NEW

You can get new high quality art prints through Redbubble!

>live wallpapers


for iPhone /without bezels

for iPhone /with bezels


for iPhone /without bezels

for iPhone /with bezels

* I used an app called intoLive to turn videos into live photos, then set them as Live Wallpapers. The function needed is offered for free in the app but you can also use something else, if you find a better option, please let me know ^^

>daily renders

>showreel 2018-2019 

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